Charity Challenges

30th September 2020

Despite the majority of the Matchstick Men Group working from home since social distancing restrictions were brought into place earlier this year, we still have endeavoured to make fundraising a priority. Over the lockdown period, we have continued to raise money for our chosen charity, Inspire Chorley Youth Zone, in more ‘creative’ ways than usual.
Our virtual charity challenges have taken place over a Microsoft Teams group channel, where our employees have thrown themselves into their fundraising efforts, while having a bit of fun in the process. Starting with senior members of staff, our challenges centred on completing a challenge, donating £3, then nominating 3 people to do the same. These included a 30-second Portrait Challenge, a Keepy-uppy challenge, Bottle cap challenge, Steps challenge and plenty more!

One of our most popular challenges so far has been the ‘Cereal Box Challenge’, which has resulted in a fair few laughs (and a few strained muscles!). The aim of the game here was for each contender to film themselves picking up a cereal box from the floor by using their mouth, without using their hands or bending their legs. Another popular (and slightly easier) challenge was our ‘Lockdown Life Images Challenge’. This involved each nominee creating a collage of 4 images that summed up their life over lockdown, from dog walks to home baking, work set-ups to new hobbies. When we return to the office we hope to create an artwork using the submissions, to mark this challenging period of time.


In July, four members of the Matchstick Men Group set themselves a challenge of completing 4 full rounds of golf in one day, in order to raise some extra funds for Inspire. This meant teeing off at roughly 5am, playing 72 holes and finishing their day at around 8pm. The team also had sponsors relying on their total score of 330 stableford points! So, not only did they need to walk 24 miles each, they also needed to keep up their speed and stay on top of their game. Jordan, Cameron, Dylan and Joe walked over 200,000 steps between them, had the heavens open and drench them in rain, changed their socks at least 4 times, and hit their 330 point target on the dot. They raised £565 for Inspire Chorley Youth Zone, smashing their target and successfully completing their ‘Longest Golf Day Challenge’ in style!


Our biggest fundraiser during lockdown has been the promise of Gavin Hamer (Matchstick Men Chairman) and John Cohring (G2S Managing Director) shaving their hair off for Inspire Chorley Youth Zone. At the end of May, the challenge was put to all employees to sponsor the shave and raise £5,000 for the chance to see Gavin and John lose their hair. In a period of 3 weeks, the target was met and the hair was off, filmed for all to see! A big thank you to both Gavin and John for braving the shave in order to raise much-needed funds for Inspire. You can watch the video here: